15 Space & Astronomy Gifts for Kids & Aspiring Astronomers

Space & Astronomy Gifts for Kids & Aspiring Astronomers

One of the best ways to nourish a child’s curiosity and imagination is to give them gifts related to their interests. If your son or daughter is obsessed with space, there are plenty of cool and educational astronomy gifts to help inspire them. We’ve gathered space gifts perfect for a variety of ages, whether they like science fiction or dream of one day blasting off themselves. If you want to get your kid interested in science and astronomy there are lots of cool options. The gifts are perfect for children who dream of being an astronomer, an astronaut, or any child obsessed with space.

Coolest Space & Astronomy Gifts for Kids

1. MaxUSee Kids Telescope

One of the best gifts for child aspiring astronomers is a telescope of their own. This one is made especially for kids and is very affordable. This easy to use telescope comes with two lenses and a finder scope which makes it easier to locate objects in the sky. It also includes a moon mirror, which makes it easier to see a full moon without glare. Perfect for backyard viewing or portable enough to take to the park.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up

2. 50 Things To See With A Telescope Book

To help guide your child’s observations, this book makes a great telescope companion. “50 Things To See With A Telescope – Kids: A Constellation Focused Approach” is the perfect introduction to observing the sky for children. It not only covers the basics of telescope use, but also guides how to find 50 different stars, planets, and more in the sky.

Recommended Age: 7 to 12 years

3. Space Explorer Patch

Space Explorer Patch

This is a cute gift for any kid who dreams of exploring space through a telescope or as an astronaut. This iron on patch has an astronaut on it and says “Space Explorer.” Perfect to apply to a jacket or backpack, makes a cute stocking stuffer.

4. LED Night Sky Lamp

This is a fun alternative to a nightlight. This LED light projects stars and moons on the ceiling and walls. It’s helpful for kids who are scared of the dark and just plain fun for aspiring astronomers. Can display colorful stars or white stars and has an option to rotate like the night sky.

5. Personalized Constellation Map

Personalized Constellation Map Print Space Gift Idea

This gift is so cute and thoughtful for an aspiring astronomer. This beautiful print includes the constellations from a specific date. A birthday is the perfect one to choose, so your child can see what constellations were visible on the day they were born. Ready to frame and display.

6. Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket

Blankets make a great gift for all ages, but this one is especially fun for kids who love space. This super-soft blanket features constellations and stars on it and when you turn off the lights, they glow! Perfect for stargazing in bed.

7. Kids’ Jet Pack Costume

Kids' Jet Pack Costume

If your child dreams of space travel, this is a great toy to help ignite their imagination. Toadstool Tea Parties custom makes these awesome jetpacks that include pretend flames to blast them through the stars. Great for playtime or as a Halloween costume.

Recommended Age: 1 year old and up

8. See The Stars Journal

This notebook is perfect for kids who dream of being astronomers. They can take down notes about their stargazing adventures or write stories inspired by space. It’s great for school work too.

9. Rocket Keychain or Zipper Pull

Rocket Keychain or Zipper Pull

Rockets are so cool and now your kid can have one of their own. This rocket charm comes with a personalized initial and can be made as a keychain or a zipper pull. Makes a fun stocking stuffer for older kids and teens who love space.

10. 4M 3D Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit

Some of the best gifts for kids are ones that unlock their creativity. This glow in the dark solar system model kit lets your child build and paint their own hanging mobile. The easy to follow instructions let your kid take on the project as they learn more about the planets in our solar system.

Recommended Age: 8 years and up

11. Space Station Window Wall Decal

Space Station Window Wall Decal

This is so cool, I wish I had it as a kid. This wall sticker turns your kid’s bedroom into a space station. This super realistic decal is made to look like a window on a spaceship peering out at stars and distant planets. It’s a fun way to give their room a refresh without a lot of work. The decal is made from peel and stick vinyl that can be repositioned and removed without damaging the walls.

12. Sky’s the Limit T-Shirt

This inspirational t-shirt is great for any child who loves the stars. It says “Sky’s the limit” with a rocketship blasting off through the clouds into a sky of moon and stars.

Available in adult and youth sizes.

13. Space Explorer Activity Kit

If you want a space gift that focuses on science, creativity, and learning, this is great. jackinthebox makes a variety of STEM kits for kids, and this one is all about space. This kit comes with six different activities centered around space and astronomy, including a DIY kaleidoscope, a solar system mobile, and even a lesson where you use Oreos to learn about the phases of the moon (cookies not included). This is a great gift for Christmas and other winter holidays because all activities can be done indoors and it gets your kids away from screens.

Recommended Age: 6 to 10 years old

14. Moon Lamp

Use the glow of the moon in your own home with this cool lamp. A fun alternative to a nightlight, this lamp is a 3D printed globe that recreates the actual texture of the moon, with all the craters. USB rechargeable, it can glow yellow or whites and fit with any home decor.

15. Real Meteorite Pendant Necklace

Blow your kid’s mind by giving them a piece of something that’s actually been to space! This necklace features a pendant made from a piece of an actual meteorite that crash-landed in Campo Del Cielo, Argentina. It comes in a wooden treasure box, ready to gift.

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